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Patch 1.016 – Patch Notes (eng)

DEFIANCE Patch 1.016

- Fixed an issue with contracts not cycling properly.
- Cluster grenades now properly update kill counts within pursuits.
- Fix for crash caused by using Infectors against a large number of targets in PvP.
- Raised up the interactable object in ‘Tracking a Package’ to make it easier to access. weiterlesen

Patch 1.014 – Final Patch Notes (eng)

DEFIANCE Patch 1.014

- Freight Yard is back…again.
- Svushinnira, “the rain of pollution”, grows ever more severe. Horribly mutated Hellbugs dot the Paradise landscape as the Hellbug mating season continues. Nano-effect imbued Hellbugs are now more common and many familiar encounters now carry a new and dangerous change. This includes more Electric and Syphon Monarchs and mutated Hellbugs now appearing at Parraba Ranch, Happy Pow, Bug Basin, Ridgecrest Mine, Big Stone Reach, and Diablo Station. weiterlesen

Patch 1.013 – Final Patch Notes (eng)

Patch 1.013 Notes:
- Freight Yard competitive map is back!
- New World Thugs data recorder has been fixed to always work regardless of your level
- Old Friends, Old Swords: Added failsafe to fix situations where the mission does not advance
- Project Aegis, Part 1: Set the turrets to disable 15 seconds after combat has been complete
- Project Aegis, Part 1: Fixed the issue where some enemies were spawning without using a spawn vehicle weiterlesen

Update 26.04.13

Fortschritt in Drusilla’s EGO-Labor

- Unterseite “Befreie die Verlorenen – Ost-Delta-Bunker einnehmen Datenrekorder” eingefügt
- Unterseite “Soleptor-Ausgrabung – Verwüste Ridgecrest Datenrekorder” eingefügt
- Unterseite “Explosionen 101 – 101 Keys erobern Datenrekorder” eingefügt
- Unterseite “Cronkhite requirieren – Cronkhite Bunker zerstören Datenrekorder” eingefügt

Patch 1.012 – Final Patch Notes (eng)

Patch 1.012 Notes:
- Fixes to server stability
- Improved issues with salvage matrix causing items to disappear
- Improved issue with some loadouts saving incorrectly
- Changed missions so that you only get credit when you contribute
- Fixed incorrect winner/loser rewards for capture and hold matches
- Increased the number of active random encounters in the world

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